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Asthma problems and other lung irritants that many people suffer from may be the result of air pollution indoors.

Many people spend up to 90% of their time indoors without knowing that they have airborne particles causing many of their symptoms that people often mistake for a common cold.

If you have symptoms of a common cold, that won’t go away, you may have issues with the quality of your indoor air.

Air Quality Consultants Inc. is an air quality testing company that has been performing tests on the quality of air for both residential and commercial building since 1992.

We are the experts in our field.  We specialize in discovering what particles may be causing your breathing problems and coming up with a solution that will end your symptoms.

We are also experts at testing for various types of mold.  We have the expertise to find the hidden mold, and it’s cause, that many people don’t know exists.

Our Richmond office provides the same great service as the original location for Air Quality Consultants.  Jack will ensure that your indoor air quality test is performed to the same great standards our customers have come to expect.

If you are suffering from various ailments, contact us today to have the quality of your indoor air checked.

Contact Air Quality Consultants today to schedule your indoor air quality test.

Air Quality Consultants District Supervisor
Jack Whitmore. 

Air Quality Consultants District Supervisor Jack Whitmore

Certified, licensed, and insured Air Quality Testing professional Jack Whitmore leads our Richmond, VA office.

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