Dangers of mold

If you see mold, or notice an earthy or musty odor in your home or office, it’s possible that you have a serious mold issue, even if you only see a little bit of mold.  This is due to the fact that the visible mold you see on the outside of the wall, counter, or other surface, is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

Cleaning the mold immediately is very important, however, if you clean the mold and the mold regrows in the same place, that is definitely a sign that the origin of the mold problem has not yet been identified.

Conditions which mold can grow

There are lots of different kinds of mold which can grow under many circumstances, but most molds thrive in warm, damp environments. Without moisture, mold will not grow.  When you find mold, it is imperative that you solve the moisture problem, otherwise, it is likely to recur.

Molds can easily go from one place to another. If you are in a situation where solving the moisture problem has to be delayed, it’s prudent to eliminate the mold.

Signs that you have a mold problem

The first indication of mold is usually when you see it growing on the outside of a wall.  Another common sign of mold (that you can’t see) is frequently a musty smell that you can not identify where it’s coming from.

At Air Quality Consultants, we have seen mold growing in the strangest of places.  Hopefully, the mold found in your home is found early and dealt with promptly.  Sometimes the musty odor, that many molds put off, is the only sign that you may have a mold problem and by the time that you find the source of the moldy or musty odor, it has spread throughout your walls and insulation.

If you have noticed a musty odor, contact Air Quality Consultants today to schedule your indoor air test.  A residential mold problem is not  something you should ignore.

Cleaning mold in your house

If you have spotted mold growing indoors, the first thing you should do is determine if it’s a toxic mold and how extensive the mold growth is.  Often, the mold you see is only what has made it to the outside of the walls.  There could be a serious mold problem that is not visible as it’s growing on the inside of the walls, in the insulation..

But how do you determine if the mold is toxic or not?  You may be tempted to buy a DIY Mold Testing Kit, but the industry of air quality testing highly recommends against that.

Your best bet is to leave the mold and call an air quality testing company.  When we arrive, we will sample the visible mold to determine if it’s toxic or not.  After we have tested the visible mold, we will inspect the area to determine if there is any mold growing behind the wall.  We will also test the air quality to see if there are other types of mold growing in the area, as the mold spores will be detectable in the air.

If you suspect that mold has become a problem, don’t ignore it.  Contact Air Quality Consultants Richmond, VA location today.

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