Indoor Air Quality Testing

Not having clean air in your home can cause a variety of ailments.  If you have been suffering from a cold that won’t go away, you may have an issue with your air quality in your home or office.

Bad air quality can also cause a host other illness, rashes, and breathing problems.  Those that suffer from asthma are at even greater risk.

Indoor Air Quality Testing will reveal the culprit which could range from pet dander to toxic mold.  Our team of indoor air quality test experts are all highly trained, licensed, and insured.

If the results of your indoor air quality test are positive for irritants, we can recommend filtration systems that will clean up your indoor air.  You will be amazed at what a difference clean air in your home can make to your overall health!

Indoor Air Quality Test Procedures


Take action to minimize and eliminate harmful pollutants

It all begins by reaching out to the expert indoor air quality testing professionals at Air Quality Consultants Inc.

We will schedule an appointment to come to your house and conduct our indoor air quality tests.

When finished, we will provide you with a DIAGNOSTIC REPORT detailing the results of your indoor air quality test.

We will also offer you solutions to low quality air (if your indoor air test reveals that you indeed have poor air quality)

Identifying an unknown air quality problem

Our Indoor Air Quality Testing Experts will check:

  • Your ventilation and air duct system
    • We will check to see if the ventilation in the room is adequate.  If you are using any chemicals indoors, this is especially important. We will also check your air duct system, including the filters, to ensure it is functioning properly and removing all contaminants from the air.
  • For contaminants in the air caused by chemicals being used indoors
    • Sometimes you can’t help it, a project or job requires the use of chemicals indoors.  If this is the case, it’s very important that your ventilation system is operating properly.  We can check the air for contaminants, caused by chemicals, that might be causing your symptoms.
  • For contaminants indoors that might be being brought in from the outside
    • Often overlooked when health problems start to arise are any contaminants from outdoor sources.  These could be from chemicals, constructions road work, running vehicles, manufacturing plants or any other of a long list of places.  Many of these may be odorless.  Our equipment will pick up traces of contaminants in the air, and if we can’t find the source indoors, we will look outdoors.
  • For biological contaminants
    • There are many sources of biological contaminants but finding out if your health is being affected by biological contaminants starts with an indoor air quality test.  If we detect biological contaminants in the air, we will find the source and offer solutions.

Indoor Air Quality Investigation Procedure
Our highly skilled inspector will begin with a walk through inspection of the problem area testing the air quality and gathering samples to be analyzed by an independent lab. The four basic factors the inspector will be analyzing are the occupants, the HVAC system, pollutant pathways and possible contaminant sources.

After the investigation, we provide our clients with a detailed report and analysis of the test site. We will identify the problem, explain the contaminates and make suggestions for appropriate remedial action.

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